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Customer Support Team (Technical) welcome you to our page on the website, we are here to help. We’ll make sure we get to the bottom of your problems, sort them out as quickly as we can and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

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Download from website to Device
iPhone/iPad Application
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Download from website to Device

If you have downloaded Huddle Magazine from the website and need a little help with your device, please select one of the icons below representing the device you have for assistance.


Huddle Magazine is produced in a downloadable PDF format, which can be viewed on a desktop pc or laptop, Tablet (such as iPad or Kindle Fire) or Smartphone (such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy).

Apple products usually come with iBooks installed, but if you have deleted it or it is not installed it’s available for Free in the App Store (click here from your device). Once you’re sure you have iBooks or you’ve installed it click on the link in your purchase email and this will open our download centre in Safari, log in to your account and click on the issue you wish to download, once the issue has opened in the top right hand corner the button “Open in iBooks” will appear. Select that option to download the magazine to your iBooks library and enjoy.

Android devices have the built in ability to save the file from a link, so log into our dowload centre and long-press the link, choose the command Save Link from the menu that appears. Simply open the magazine from the location you have saved it. For further help in a simple format click here.

Windows Phone will require you to download the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader App from the Windows Store (click here) which works in a very similar way to the full PC version, once you have downloaded the magazine using the link in our download centre simply open the magazine from the folder you saved it in.

Kindle’s come with their own email address, so you can email the magazine to your device. Log in to our download centre on your computer, save the issue and simply forward it as an email attachment to your Kindle email address, then open up your e-mail on your Kindle and download the magazine you just bought. If you don’t know your Kindle email address go to the settings on the device and it will be there and should look a little something like - [name]

On your Computer, Mac or Laptop if you don’t have existing software you can download the free adobe acrobat reader program click here. Once installed open the file from the folder you saved it to when clicking on the link in our download centre.

iPhone/iPad Application

There are currently no known issues with our iPhone/iPad Application, if you are experiencing problems please Contact Us.

Contact CST (Tech)

You can contact Customer Support Team (Technical) by:

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